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Boarding Check-In Form

Please fill out our Boarding form below if your pet has a boarding reservation at St. Francis Pet Resort. Need to make a reservation? Contact us today. 

Make a Reservation

IMPORTANT: This form is only for guests with a confirmed boarding reservation.
To make a reservation, please call us

Please be sure to complete a form for each pet who has a confirmed reservation to board with us.
Check in time for boarding is between 7am and 3pm. Our staff hours are from 5am to 10pm.
PLEASE NOTE: We are no longer accepting critical pets for boarding (seizure patients, diabetics, terminal illness, those requiring fluids, etc). 'Critical' is up to business discretion and we may refuse your pet if we feel we cannot properly provide the appropriate care. Our boarding team is not equipped to deal with these medical cases. Team members are on site from 5am to 10pm daily. A doctor and veterinary assistant/technician are on call during these hours. We do not have overnight care.

Owner Information

Guest Information



Please list the medication your pet needs to receive while boarding.

If your pet has seizures, is on insulin or chronic medications, you will be required to fill out an additional form with our reception team. Please allow yourself 5 additional minutes to come into our lobby to fill out this form.
Price for oral, eye, ear medication administration $11/day

Canine Add-On Services

If you wish to add-on services to your dog's day, please select from the list below. Please Note: These services are limited to one per day. You may request additional services however we cannot guarantee they will be completed.

Pet Warranty

Maximum Coverage: $1,500.00 per incident
Expiration of Coverage: Pet owners must notify the Resort within 48 hours of departure of any medical conditions. Any and all written claims under this warranty must be submitted within seven (7) days after the St. Francis Pet Resort relinquishes care, custody or control of the Pet to the Pet Owner. This coverage is the Pet Owner’s exclusive remedy in the event of any claim for illness, injury or medical care for a covered Pet. Pet Owner shall remain responsible for all charges exceeding the maximum coverage amount.
Fee per Pet: $5.00 per stay (Required for boarding.)
In consideration for the payment of the warranty fee, and subject to the exceptions, terms, conditions and limitations listed below, the St. Francis Pet Resort will pay for veterinary care provided by a licensed veterinarian for the care or treatment of the boarded pet listed above for any sickness or injury of the pet incurred while the pet is boarding at the St. Francis Pet Resort, up to the maximum stated above.
The St. Francis Pet Resort Warranty offers you peace of mind. You can be assured that your pet will receive timely, professional veterinary care, should the need arise. Unless you specify otherwise, your pet will be seen by the doctors at Godspeed Animal Care. If you so choose, every effort will be made to contact your primary veterinarian if you prefer. If transport is needed, additional fees will apply.
Exceptions to this coverage are as follows:
Pre-existing health conditions.
Due to the nature of airborne infections, conditions such as Bordetella, Canine Influenza, Tracheobronchitis, etc are NOT covered.
Distemper or Parvovirus Infection in a pet whose vaccinations were not current and/or were just administered or boosted within 7 days of boarding or for any puppies or kittens under the age of 16 weeks due to the incubation period of some contagious diseases of young animals.
Injury, illness or death when pets take action against one another that are boarded together at the owner’s request.
Injury, illness or death resulting from whelping or pregnancy.
Injury, illness or death resulting from war or terrorist acts.
Injury, illness or death resulting from nuclear radiation or contamination.

Terms & Conditions

This coverage shall be effective and binding with St. Francis Pet Resort (Godspeed Animal Care) only if the Pet Owner complies with each of the following conditions:
In the event that the Pet requires on going treatment after its owner has taken possession of the pet, the Pet Owner hereby agrees to authorize his Veterinarian to forward a copy of the diagnosis and treatment history to the St. Francis Pet Resort (Godspeed Animal Care). Such records will be required before any claim is paid.
Reimbursement under this warranty shall be the St. Francis Pet Resort’s (Godspeed Animal Care)maximum liability and any monies paid by the St. Francis Pet Resort to Veterinarians and hospitals may be deducted from such reimbursement amount and not be in addition to such other reimbursements.
The St. Francis Pet Resort (Godspeed Animal Care), at its own expense, shall have the right and opportunity to examine any covered Pet whose injury or illness is the basis of any claim when and as it may reasonably be required during the pendency of such claim.
Any provision of this warranty, which on the effective date, is in conflict with the statutes of the state in which the Pet Owner resides on such date is hereby amended to conform to the minimum requirements of such statutes.
Any Controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this certificate shall be settled by arbitration in accordance with the rules of the American Arbitration Association.

Financial Policy

We will gladly prepare a written estimate if you desire. All fees are due at the time of check-out, unless required to prepay. A returned check fee of $25 will be charged to any account whose check is returned by the bank. Any outstanding balance over 30 days will be subject to a $6 billing fee plus 1.5% interest each month until paid in full.
I am financially responsible for the pet described in this boarding agreement and agree to pay all fees incurred, including any medical or surgical procedure that is above and beyond what is covered by the Pet Warranty. I understand that any medical or surgical procedure is attended by some risk and that it is not possible to guarantee the successful outcome of any such procedure, should it be necessary. This agreement is in force indefinitely from this date unless I notify the Resort in writing to the contrary. I have read and answered all questions pertaining to my pet to the best of my knowledge. I will not hold Godspeed Animal Care/St. Francis Pet Resort & Rehabilitation Center responsible for any incidents resulting from omission of information requested.I read and understand the information pertaining to vaccination requirements and the pet warranty.

Medical Illness Policy

Should my pet become ill or need medical attention, we will call the emergency number listed below. We will inform you or your contact regarding your pets’ symptoms, treatment options and an estimate of cost. If we find no one can be reached and your pet requires treatment to relieve immediate discomfort or to resolve any important medical or surgical condition, we request that your wishes be indicated below.
By submitting this form, I hereby agree to the above.

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