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Luxury Boarding for Pets

With our luxury boarding for cats, dogs and exotic animals, our Williamsburg team will treat your pet like our family and provide a home away from home while you are away.

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Indulge Your Pet With Luxury Boarding for Dogs, Cats & Exotics

We understand that it can be stressful to leave your pet when you go out of town – especially if they are ill, or when they are recovering from a procedure or surgery.

At St. Francis Pet Resort, we want to help put your mind at ease. Our dedicated staff offers nothing but the best for your dog, cat, or exotic pet while you’re away, and that is reflected in the accommodations we provide for pet boarding*. 

Accommodations & Price List

*Please note: We are no longer accepting critical pets for boarding (seizure patients, diabetics, terminal illness, those requiring fluids, etc). 'Critical' is up to business discretion and we may refuse your pet if we feel we cannot properly provide the appropriate care. Our boarding team is not equipped to deal with these medical cases. Team members are on site from 5am to 10pm daily. A doctor and veterinary assistant/technician are on call during these hours. We do not have overnight care.

Medical Boarding for Cats & Dogs, Williamsburg

Be Our Guest

We welcome cats, dogs and exotic pets to our boarding facility. 

Canine Guests

For our canine guests, we offer roomy Deluxe Runs, Deluxe Suites, and Presidential Suites. Dogs over 50# are required to board in a suite, not a run, as the runs are too small for this size dog. Regardless of room type, every canine guest receives the same specialized care.

The suites are decorated in Americana, island, lodge, and character themes and boast the following features:

  • Individual televisions showing pet-friendly movies
  • Comfortable beds
  • Area rugs, fine art decor and ceiling fans
  • A private door to the outside exercise yards 

Dogs are let out in the play yards five times a day for elimination and exercise.

Feline Guests

Our feline guests enjoy our roomy Raintree Condominiums with the following features:

  • Six feet tall with multiple perches
  • Windows with view of bird feeders
  • Ventilated litter box area
  • Tempered glass doors
  • Daily playtime in cat room

Your cat will be fed according to your specifications and their requirements, to ensure their routine is the same as it is at home. We provide daily one-on-one interaction with kitties (if they want it!) including play, snuggles, and pets. Litter boxes are checked, cleaned and disinfected periodically throughout the day.

Additionally, we refresh linens and clean your kitty's room daily. Our cat boarding area is separated from the dog area to ensure your kitty feels relaxed and safe while they stay with us.

Exotic Guests

We set aside an area of St. Francis Pet Resort for exotic pets, including birds, iguanas, rabbits and hamsters.

Exotic pets are welcome in their own cages or aquariums, and will be located in an area away from drafts and too much activity. 

Pet Boarding FAQs

Read our FAQs for answers to our most frequently asked questions about pet boarding at St. Francis Pet Resort.

If you have further questions about boarding, please feel free to contact us. 

Making a Reservation

Once you've finalized your plans, contact us to make a reservation. We also encourage you to complete our boarding form for each of your pets online prior to checking in for boarding.     

Boarding Form

Boarding Price List

Choose from a variety of luxurious overnight accommodations for your cat or dog. We also offer day boarding, as well as boarding for exotics pets.

Accommodation Monday - Sunday (per day) Each additional pet (per day)
Dogs - Presidential Suite, 8' × 10' $95.25 $45.00
Dogs - Deluxe Suite, 6' × 8' $78.50 $45.00
Dogs - Executive Run, 4' × 6' $56.75 $27.75
Dogs - Deluxe Run, 3' × 6' $48.75 $27.75
Dogs - Standard Run, 3' × 5' $48.75 $27.75
Cats - Condos 1-8, 2' × 6 $36.75 $21.75
Cats - Condos 9-12 (Bird Side), 2' × 6'  $39.00 $21.75
Cats - Condo, Large Horizontals $39.00 $21.75
Cats - Condo, Small Horizontals $36.75 N/A
Cats - Condo, Presidential $77.25 $21.75
Cats - Quad (2 condos 1-8) $64.50 $21.75
Cats - Quad (2 condos 9-12) $66.50 $21.75
Exotics $24.00 $10.00
Day Boarding $40.50 $13.00
Food Supply - Pets under 50lbs $3.25 N/A
Food Supply - Pets over 50lbs $4.50 N/A
Food Supply - Raw Diet $7.25 N/A

Your Pet's Home Away From Home

Offering luxury boarding and daycare for your Williamsburg pets. Reach out to make a reservation. 

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