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Add-On Services

With add-on services like Sunset & Cabana Cuddles, our Suite Serenity Package, and Pet Telegrams, your dog or cat will feel like royalty during their stay with us.

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Just like their owners, dogs and cats can experience stress. Various factors can cause stress, such as changes in routine, environment, and the event of separation anxiety.

Luckily, our add-on services can help your cat or dog have the most pleasant experience while staying with us. Our add-on services include extra playtime, extra walks, and extra-long cuddles. We can even send you a photo update of your pet to show you how much fun they are having.

St. Francis Pet Resort has been giving pets the extra love and attention they deserve for over 15 years. We know that when you come to pick them up, they'll be extra-fluffy, extra-clean, extra-happy bundles of joy.

Add-On Services & Pricing

Add-on Services, Williamsburgs

Add-On Services

Choose from any of the following services to add on during your pet's stay with us.

Service Details Fee
Island Toss 20 minutes of individual outdoor time for either frisbee or ball toss $22.75
Cabana Cuddles 20 minutes of one-on-one indoor cuddle time for a canine with one of our friendly resort members $22.75
Sunset Snuggles

 20 minutes of cuddling and playtime for our feline guest with one of our friendly resort members $22.75
Beach Bundle Package

 Island Toss & Cabana Cuddle $37.50

Island Excursion Package

 Outdoor Adventure & Island Toss

Suite Serenity Package

 2 Cabana Cuddles (Canine) or 2 Sunset Snuggles (Feline) $37.50

Pet Telegrams

 We will send a photo update of your pet during their stay. 

$8.25 per photo

Your Pet's Home Away From Home

Offering luxury boarding and daycare for your Williamsburg pets. Reach out to make a reservation. 

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